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Patelco Fraud Center


How to report fraud to Patelco

At Patelco, we’ll be with you on every step of your financial journey, including when you’re a victim of fraud. 如果您怀疑您的账户有欺诈行为,请立即与我们联系。, or if you responded to a suspicious email, text message or phone call.

Know the red flags


Here are 5 red flags to watch out for based on Patelco’s fraud monitoring.

如果你的回答是肯定的,你可能是一个骗局的目标. 不要点击任何链接或与你联系的人分享任何信息.

If you’ve lost money to a scam, contact us 尽快,看看我们是否可以保护您的账户,并尽量收回资金.

想了解更多关于常见危险信号和保护自己免受欺诈的信息吗? Download Patelco’s fraud booklet here. 我们甚至有一个专为老年人量身定制的版本. Click here to download a copy.

  • 1.  是不是有人自称是帕特尔科打电话问我要信用卡信息, 网上银行的一次性密码和/或登录凭据?

  • 2.  是否有人突然联系你,强迫你转移你的钱(以“保护”它)或给他们汇款?

  • 3.  您是否被要求向Patelco或您的其他金融机构隐瞒信息或撒谎??

  • 4.  Does this transaction involve a foreign country, territory, or state where you don’t have contacts or connections?

  • 5.  你是否因为某件事“多付了钱”或“多报销了钱”,现在被要求把“多余”的钱退回去?

Voice authentication for safer calls

We're adding this in mid-2024


Highly accurate voice recognition


Easy to enroll

Next time you call us, 您可以申请注册-只需确保您的联系信息是最新的.

Next level voice security

When you call us, 我们会将你的声音和声纹进行比较,以便更快地验证你的身份并帮助你解决问题.

More about voice authentication

  • Voice authentication is a type of biometric authentication, 一种依赖于指纹等独特生物特征的安全程序. 在这种情况下,它是一个声纹——包括你个人的音调、语调和发音.

    No, 你不必这么做,但我们强烈建议你这样做,作为额外的安全保障,这样当你打电话给我们时,我们就知道是你.

    Next time you call 800.358.8228, just tell us you want to enroll. Your contact information must be up to date, 我们会要求你提供个人信息来验证你的身份,这样我们就能确定我们保存的是你的声纹.

    我们的声纹识别系统是为了抵抗深度伪造技术而设计的, 让骗子更难以冒充你.

    There are many benefits to using voice authentication. First, 它通过增加额外的保护层来增强安全性,以帮助确保我们正在与您交谈. Second, 对你来说,这是一个更无缝、更快速的体验——所以你可以更快地获得认证,然后开始你的电话业务.

Fraud happened. Now what?

Fraudulent debit or credit card activity

登录我们的在线索赔中心,立即提出索赔 Patelco Online™. See other details here.

I called Patelco – what else can I do?

重要的是要迅速采取行动并向当局报告. Read our tips for being proactive.

Suspicious account activity that's not yours

如果你发现账户活动不是你的,我们会在这里为你提供指导和支持. Contact us immediately.

Identity theft happened

如果你一直是一个 victim of identity theft.

Three tips to stay safe

观看右侧的视频,了解如何保护自己的身份和财务 three simple steps.

Frequently asked questions about fraud

The best way to avoid fraud

Don’t give personal information or money to anyone who calls or texts you. Learn more >

Is it a scam?

我们来这里是为了在你提供任何个人信息或转账之前帮你弄清楚这是否是骗局. Call us at 800.358.8228 and enter extension 5323 to talk with a specialist. You can also schedule an appointment with our Fraud Experience Team (for the type of appointment, select FRAUD CONSULTATION).

How to protect your account
  • 保持您的联系信息是最新的,这样如果我们看到您的帐户上的可疑活动,我们可以迅速与您联系
  • Sign up for Patelco Online™ or the Mobile App to view account activity
  • Set up Two-Factor Authentication for added security each time you log in
  • 管理帐户提醒,卡提醒和交易控制
  • 选择SMS(或文本消息)作为您的主要警报和通知渠道,以获得及时的信息
  • Designate a Trusted Contact for your account in case we cannot get ahold of you


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